Recycle at home

Our Environment has fallen victim to air, water and land pollution and the main pollutant are manmade products like vehicles, plastic material, electronics etc. To reduce pollution and preserve the environment we have to follow the simple rule of three ‘R’s ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ where we reduce the use of pollution causing products, reuse all the reusable material rather than throwing them out and then recycle all the recyclable materials. To recycle you need not go out and collect garbage; you can just follow some simple and easy rules at the comfort of your home thereby helping you do your part in saving the environment. Here I present you a few techniques to recycle at home.


– Sort your garbage

Make sure to sort your garbage on the basis of their recyclability, it is not very complicated just maintain a pair of dustbins with one specifically made for recyclable materials and the other for non-recyclable materials. To make them easily identifiable put a sign on the recyclable material dustbin thereby helping the kids also in your home to identify the respective bins and follow the sorting easily. And before you attempt the sorting educate yourself about the recyclability of various material making you job easier.

– Recycled or recyclable product

While buying any product go the organic or recycled way. Recycled products are a bit costlier than the normal ones but you have to think of the harm that the normal products causes to our environment. And recycled or organic products are good for you as the generic products have a number of chemicals in them that are potentially harmful to you.  It is a hard transformation to go through so start with small changes like the replacement of plastic bags with paper bags, plastic plates with paper plates, generic diapers with organic ones etc. these small change will help you adapt with recycled products.


– Donate old electronics

When we buy new electronic we throw away the old ones without a second thought, we do not consider their usefulness for others. We can easily save the old electronic from going to waste by donating them to the less fortunate or any NGOs that can put them to good use. So next time you go to throw away an old laptop, computer, keyboard etc. please consider the other alternative of donation.

– Rainwater harvesting

Pure water has become a rarity due to the large amount of wastage and pollution of water. So try to save water by practising rainwater harvesting, where rainwater is purified thereby making it useful to us. This can be done individually which is hard if your living in an apartment in that case you can start rainwater harvesting for the whole building thereby saving you lots of money in your maintenance bill for water.


– Recycling old papers or used plastic bottles

Old newspapers, file, documents etc. lie around your house collecting dust so instead of becoming a hoarder recycle these paper by doing simple acts like using them to protect from spills, using the back of an already printed paper thereby saving paper etc. Similarly plastic bottles can be used to store things, grains for the birds etc.

These are just a few techniques that hep you play an important role in saving your environment from further destruction.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Limited resources and growing pollution demands urgent measures from us. Ever increasing population and its utilization of resources, is putting lot of strain on finely balanced environment of our planet. The answer to this entire problem is already with us in form of 3 ‘R’s. However, not many of us are aware about them, resulting in lots of wastage of precious resources.

“Uselessness” is just a perception!

You will be amazed to see how many items around us, which we have categorized as “useless”, are still having lot of potential for utilization. Just take a look at the below list of items which can be recycled.


  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Cloths
  • Glass

You might have realized that this list covers almost all the things around us! However these are only few of long lists of illustrations. Many of these substances are not so easy to dump or degrade by Mother Nature. For example, plastic has been known to survive thousands of years before getting degraded. If you burn the rubber, it creates harmful gases which creates hazard for all the living things. The greenery of earth is already in jeopardy. So wasting wood and paper is not a good idea!

Compared to the degradation or dumping, “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” present better and cost effective ways to solve the problems stated above. Let’s check what we can reduce, reuse and recycle!



It means, utilizing the least number of products.

  • The first principle is “don’t buy, unless required”. By that way you are avoiding excessive accumulation of products and also saving lot of money at the same time.
  • Use products which require least packaging. You may find that products with minimal packaging may not appear as attractive as others, but you can be assure that you are contributing a lot to the environment.
  • Reduce the use of personal vehicles and use public transports.
  • Reduce consumption of power by switching off lights when not needed.
  • Reduce water wastage by repairing leaking taps


There are many products around us which are reusable. Give them preferences over disposable products.

  • Use cloth bags instead of plastic/paper bags (you will save lot of trees!)
  • Use metal utensils instead of plastic utensils
  • Always write or print on both sides of paper
  • Don’t throw away your old clothes and toys. There are many people who are in need of these objects. Donate things to them. They will reuse them.
  • The wrapping papers can be stored and later used for crafts and prepare the coverings of your books.



This is the best way to go green! Papers, tins, glass, tyres, and wooden furniture- all these have one common thing between them. That is they all can be recycled.  Recycling involves series of interventions to create new products from disposed or already used products. It can be done at household level and also at industrial levels. The best way to identify the products which can be recycled is to look for a note or symbol of recycling on the label. So, next time when you buy such product, keep it safe after using and submit to the agency which recycles it.

How to recycle and reuse papers at home?

Human- The only creature who is slashing trees each day, fabricating paper from this… and then on these pages he writes ‘Save Trees’. Ironical!! Isn’t it??

It’s time to take lesson from it! We can’t cease using papers all together, but still we can lessen this to some extent.

Two ‘R’s can prove worthwhile, i.eRecycle and Reuse.

  • Don’t just work on single side of the page. Utilize the other one two.
  • Showcase your craft skills and artwork on your walls..! Went into some shock or trauma? Come out… I meant to embellish your walls with paper work. Use magazines cover pages, greeting cards, purposeless wrapping papers for designing a wall frame.


  • Glasses and windows always require some harsh material for cleaning or polishing them up… Bingo! You are thinking in the correct direction.. PAPER. Use newspapers, waste papers to heal this up.
  • A home where a kid or two or even some young person is expertise in doing painting; hand over these bunch of waste papers. Even if someone not expertise but just pretending(Who cares! :D), then also the same.
  • Packing Material – Newspaper and plain brown paper would be best. Do the packing stuff with these harmless weapons that can be easily found in any corner of your shelter.
  • Wrap the waste papers around the unripe fruits. This will prove beneficial in ripening these fruits more quickly.
  • Paper waste coming from Scrap machines can be taken into use as small string of ribbons that can be use to adorn the small gifts and things.
  • Preparing a fruit basket, Easter basket or any gift basket but not able to bring the required grace on that!!?? Go to your storeroom and take papers from there!

Now use these to give the basket a enriched look by doing the colorful wrapping. Infact give this chance to your kids. I am sure they must be having more interest and good choice when it comes to play with colors.. Cheers!!

  • Old books.. What you will do with them is either handling them to some needy or selling them to those kabadiwalas(scrap collector). Still few small books are there which don’t find their place in any of the two categories! Then give them space in your home. Confused! Don’t be!! Make paper dolls. Or use these books to make the leaves of a paper wreath. Adorn your front door with this paper wreath and show your artwork to all!


  • Trying to save CDs/DVDs from dirt and scratch! Here comes the paper to your rescue. Prepare Paper Cases for them.
  • Time to hone the innovative side of your rockstar kid—hand over him waste papers and ask him to prepare Pen-pencil holders with them
  • Having a short-term ‘ghajni’ memory, so relying much on sticky notes? Me too… Cut up the sections of useless papers into squares and use as sticky notes.
  • Bring into use the extremely worthless papers and turn them into bookmarks.
  • Stainless steel things placed in your home are losing shine!!? Worry not! Scrub them with wadded up wet newspapers.
  • Line the drawers of your refrigerator/wardrobe with newspaper or waste papers to keep them away from dust and to avoid them cling on the surface directly.
  • Show some gratuity towards society. Do some donation. Donate the old magazines, devotional books or story books to your nearby orphanage, old age and nursing homes. They will love to read these.

Ending this here but that doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the uses list. There are tons of uses of papers that you have previously deemed ‘trash’. Just be imaginative. Open the windows of your brain and storeroom of your house!!

Basic recycling techniques for home

Recycling is the simple process converting waste materials into reusable objects thereby avoiding wastage of useful things and saving you money.  Today’s world has had a large shortage of clean water, pure air and unpolluted land, so recycling helps in reverse little of damage done to our beautiful planet. Recycling is an important component in the process of reducing modern waste after Reducing and Reusing. By recycling we can’t totally eradicate water and land pollution but we can reduce it to an extent by saving energy, natural resources and landfill space.


Many feel that recycling is a costly and time consuming process that cannot be done at the luxury of your home. But they fail to consider that there are simple things or techniques that you can do or follow at home thereby doing your part in saving and preserving our environment. You can recycle and reuse simple objects at home like paper, cardboard, plastics cups and plates, glass, metals like aluminium, steel & copper and electronics like computers, cell phones, rechargeable batteries, printers, etc.

Some Basic techniques

  1. Sort your garbage

The most important aspect of recycling is to sort your garbage on the basis of their recyclability. You should try to maintain three bins one holding garbage that is easily disposable like vegetable waste, egg shells etc. the second one holding cardboard, paper etc. and the third bin holding reusable and non-decomposing stuff like electrical wires, earphones, plastic bottles etc. This needs a bit of you time and concentration but once you develop the habit to it will become an easy part of your routine.

  1. Join the Freecycle movement

This movement follows a simple idea, where you give away what you have but don’t need and in turn receive something you need. This simple barter system will ensure that nothing goes to waste and everything is used to its maximum cpacity.

  1. Recycling of material at home

– Plastics – Plastic things like covers and bottles can be reused easily. For example already used plastic bottles of water, cold drinks etc. can be cleaned and reused to store something or can be used for watering plants also whereas plastic covers are sturdy and make excellent to carry things. But always make sure that you don’t drop these plastic materials in any water bodies and land polluting them.

– Electronics – Electronic items like old laptops, wires, earphones etc. should be thrown out but can be donated to schools or other organisations that can make good use of these items.

– Old furniture – Old furniture that has chipped paint or a loose screw is thrown away without a second thought but we can use the furniture again by just repainting it or you can just modify it a little to make something with your creativity.


– Home compost pit– This is a very easy technique of instilling a composite pit in your backyard or in balcony with a large dish that can convert your kitchen waste into manure thereby helping your potted plants get its nutrition from the manure.

These are just a few of the techniques for recycling, there are many more out there, these techniques are not much but when done in at a daily basis they do make a change. So do your part in preserving our environment by following these simple recycling techniques at the luxury of your home.

Create best from the waste

Creating best from the waste proves a person’s creativity and his/ her ability to transforms anything into something useful thereby saving money and giving the created product an aesthetical appeal that no other product can get. When we use a waste material to create something useful we are indirectly doing our part for the environment by reusing and recycling a product rather than wastage. Many feel that it is a waste of our time, but in reality it is a form of activity or craft that you can do with your kids or loved ones. Here I give some creative ways of creating the best from waste:

  1. Old tires reused

Old tires of bikes, trucks and in some cases even a Lorries tire can be reused, with just a little tinkering the whole look of the tire will be transformed. Some simple ways of reusing a tire are


– Swing: Tying a rope to it and hanging it off a tree thereby making it into a low cost swing in your backyard so your kids or even you can enjoy a hot summer day, but before using don’t forget to cover the tire with a blanket or pillow otherwise it will be uncomfortable.

– Sitting stool: Covering the holes on either side of the tires with a wooden cut out of the same diameter and then gluing rope or wool to the whole structure gives you a cute sitting stool and to give it a personal touch you can paint it your favourite colour.

– Makeshift flower pot: This creative idea uses half a tire and then hanging it from the ceiling, preferably in the balcony. The half should be hung in the shape of a crescent moon with the inside of the half tire filled with soil so you can plant your favourite plant.


  1. Photo frames from old cardboard

This is an amazing craft to do with your kids, it is very easy and mess free. You can use old cardboard, from pizza boxes, shoe boxes etc. transforming it into photo frames with just some cutting, gluing and a little glitter or paint.

  1. Reusing old clothes

This craft is very easy; you just need to take an old curtain and cut and stitch them into any kind of clothing you like for example into skirts or stoles etc. Not just curtain if you have an old shirt of any male member of your family you cut off the sleeves and hem them to giving you and awesome rumpled top that will go awesome with a belt. In this manner sever used clothes can be transformed into something chick and trendy.


  1. Making tin bottle caps into candles

This is very simple you just have to fill the tin caps with hot wax and wick then let it cool and in no time you have made yourself a handy candle that makes any dinner into a romantic endeavour.

These are just a few fun ways to create best from waste there are many more out there. I have personally done them and can guarantee that they are fun albeit a little time consuming

Recycling: A pathway to zero waste

Zero Waste is a philosophy and it supports the redesigning of the life cycles of resources. This is done in order to bring all the used products in a form that they can be reused somehow. None of the waste materials are sent to any incinerators, landfills, etc.

Coming towards Recycling; it is basically the process to convert the scrap and useless materials into some objects that can be reused in a beneficial way. This is done for preventing the waste of already used materials. It has a number of other advantages that include:

  • The reduction of consuming fresh and new raw materials
  • Reduced usage of energy
  • Reduction in air and water pollutions, etc.

Recycling is a very advantageous way and the key component for the reduction of waste in the present age.


Why zero waste?

The basic idea behind the concept of zero waste is to create minimal waste and least pollution of air, water and soil, by means of reusing the resources. It means to design and manage the products as well as the processes in such a way that the toxicity of useless materials can be avoided and eliminated. In doing this, all the resources are conserved and recovered; rather than being burnt or buried. The implementation of Zero Waste will surely eliminate any kind of waste materials to be discharged to the air, land or water and eventually the population will be reduced to a great extent. Behind all this philosophy, recycling is considered to be a pathway to zero waste.

Undoubtedly, there is a great role of recycling while dealing with the zero waste strategy; however, it is not just about recycling and it goes beyond that. It is an approach in which the complete system is involved. The process of recycling is to be maximized while implementing the strategy of zero waste.

Advantages of Recycling:

There are lots of benefits of the implementation of Zero Waste System and the whole world would be affected in a positive way. Some of the benefits have been mentioned below:


  • Waste materials would be managed well and all the different types of pollutions would be reduced
  • Money would be saved and economy would be balanced by reusing the already used stuff
  • Progress would be made faster. This is because zero waste would help in improving the different strategies and processes which otherwise need longer and highly innovative techniques to be implemented
  • It would also help in supporting the sustainability. The different goals of sustainability, i.e. the well-being of economy, the protection of environment and the well-being of society would definitely be supported

The importance of Recycling cannot be denied while talking about the concept of Zero Waste and is surely a pathway to zero waste. If the process of recycling is taken under consideration on a serious note, and none of the waste materials are left and sent to the landfills, the implementation of Zero Waste strategy would become quite easy.


Can you imagine that recycling can turn one worthless thing into an art!

The old things may seem worthless but if you use it rightly, it can serve you for more time.

Let us teach some tricks to the kids, for whom this recycling can become a reason to enjoy, learn and use the innovative side of their brain. So it’s time to empty the recycle bin in your craft room.

  • Take a waste oldy toothbrush, and use it for some coloring purpose.
  • Juice/drinks cartons = Color them, beautify them and make a big hole in one of the side. Taadaa… here comes your Bird house or Bird feeder.
  • Bottle cap locket = Fond of wearing funky lockets rather than the boring and the dull ones?After you buy drinks from market, keep collecting their caps. Use some of your mind and some of bottle’s. You can paste your pic on one side of the cap.


  • Be a Fashionista! = Take out a worn out shabby t-shirt from your wardrobe or storeroom that moms usually keeps so as to make it a dusting cloth later or to give it to the maids! Color them if you have an artist hidden inside you. Even if not, then also cool. Spill the beans…Spill the colors on the t-shirt in some random manner. (Anyways the t-shirt is futile, so you are allowed to play havoc with it !)
  • Compel others to follow your style! = Have rugged faded torn denims with you? Awesome! Pick that up. Torn it even more from different- different places. Pen down crazy-kinky line or word on it with permanent marker.
  • Coc-pen holder = don’t just throw away the empty drink cans like that. Bring them up for some good use. Slash out the top of it fully. Accessorize the remaining with chart paper, glitters, colors, wrap-ups, etc., whichever you like.
  • Classy Charging Station will give an enrich look to your room. So many switches and chargers at a single place at may make that place asking for mercy from you! Give them a break too! Pick any of the empty shoebox. Make some holes in one side of the box (keeping the holes at equal distance from each other). Here you go! Hide the chargers inside the box and take the wires from the holes. Adorn the holes with whatever material or paper you like!
  • Planning to purchase some royal and classy wind chime for your kid’s room! A big No.


Come on, he is just a kid. Let his room look more like a fancy colorful world rather than a business party hall!

Take out the plastic cutlery and paper plates. Attach some plates altogether so as to make it a robust built. Prepare your wind chime with it.

  • Denims can be your true life partner. Having a jean that isnot fitting too well? Don’t throw away! Cut into pieces. Make hand-bands or small wearable rings with them. Garnish these bits of pieces, paint them or just simply carry it like that!

So these were few eco-friendly as well as pocket ideas to adorn yourself, your home or your society! Tighten your shoes and give any or all of these a shot!