Recycling: A pathway to zero waste

Zero Waste is a philosophy and it supports the redesigning of the life cycles of resources. This is done in order to bring all the used products in a form that they can be reused somehow. None of the waste materials are sent to any incinerators, landfills, etc.

Coming towards Recycling; it is basically the process to convert the scrap and useless materials into some objects that can be reused in a beneficial way. This is done for preventing the waste of already used materials. It has a number of other advantages that include:

  • The reduction of consuming fresh and new raw materials
  • Reduced usage of energy
  • Reduction in air and water pollutions, etc.

Recycling is a very advantageous way and the key component for the reduction of waste in the present age.


Why zero waste?

The basic idea behind the concept of zero waste is to create minimal waste and least pollution of air, water and soil, by means of reusing the resources. It means to design and manage the products as well as the processes in such a way that the toxicity of useless materials can be avoided and eliminated. In doing this, all the resources are conserved and recovered; rather than being burnt or buried. The implementation of Zero Waste will surely eliminate any kind of waste materials to be discharged to the air, land or water and eventually the population will be reduced to a great extent. Behind all this philosophy, recycling is considered to be a pathway to zero waste.

Undoubtedly, there is a great role of recycling while dealing with the zero waste strategy; however, it is not just about recycling and it goes beyond that. It is an approach in which the complete system is involved. The process of recycling is to be maximized while implementing the strategy of zero waste.

Advantages of Recycling:

There are lots of benefits of the implementation of Zero Waste System and the whole world would be affected in a positive way. Some of the benefits have been mentioned below:


  • Waste materials would be managed well and all the different types of pollutions would be reduced
  • Money would be saved and economy would be balanced by reusing the already used stuff
  • Progress would be made faster. This is because zero waste would help in improving the different strategies and processes which otherwise need longer and highly innovative techniques to be implemented
  • It would also help in supporting the sustainability. The different goals of sustainability, i.e. the well-being of economy, the protection of environment and the well-being of society would definitely be supported

The importance of Recycling cannot be denied while talking about the concept of Zero Waste and is surely a pathway to zero waste. If the process of recycling is taken under consideration on a serious note, and none of the waste materials are left and sent to the landfills, the implementation of Zero Waste strategy would become quite easy.


Can you imagine that recycling can turn one worthless thing into an art!

The old things may seem worthless but if you use it rightly, it can serve you for more time.

Let us teach some tricks to the kids, for whom this recycling can become a reason to enjoy, learn and use the innovative side of their brain. So it’s time to empty the recycle bin in your craft room.

  • Take a waste oldy toothbrush, and use it for some coloring purpose.
  • Juice/drinks cartons = Color them, beautify them and make a big hole in one of the side. Taadaa… here comes your Bird house or Bird feeder.
  • Bottle cap locket = Fond of wearing funky lockets rather than the boring and the dull ones?After you buy drinks from market, keep collecting their caps. Use some of your mind and some of bottle’s. You can paste your pic on one side of the cap.


  • Be a Fashionista! = Take out a worn out shabby t-shirt from your wardrobe or storeroom that moms usually keeps so as to make it a dusting cloth later or to give it to the maids! Color them if you have an artist hidden inside you. Even if not, then also cool. Spill the beans…Spill the colors on the t-shirt in some random manner. (Anyways the t-shirt is futile, so you are allowed to play havoc with it !)
  • Compel others to follow your style! = Have rugged faded torn denims with you? Awesome! Pick that up. Torn it even more from different- different places. Pen down crazy-kinky line or word on it with permanent marker.
  • Coc-pen holder = don’t just throw away the empty drink cans like that. Bring them up for some good use. Slash out the top of it fully. Accessorize the remaining with chart paper, glitters, colors, wrap-ups, etc., whichever you like.
  • Classy Charging Station will give an enrich look to your room. So many switches and chargers at a single place at may make that place asking for mercy from you! Give them a break too! Pick any of the empty shoebox. Make some holes in one side of the box (keeping the holes at equal distance from each other). Here you go! Hide the chargers inside the box and take the wires from the holes. Adorn the holes with whatever material or paper you like!
  • Planning to purchase some royal and classy wind chime for your kid’s room! A big No.


Come on, he is just a kid. Let his room look more like a fancy colorful world rather than a business party hall!

Take out the plastic cutlery and paper plates. Attach some plates altogether so as to make it a robust built. Prepare your wind chime with it.

  • Denims can be your true life partner. Having a jean that isnot fitting too well? Don’t throw away! Cut into pieces. Make hand-bands or small wearable rings with them. Garnish these bits of pieces, paint them or just simply carry it like that!

So these were few eco-friendly as well as pocket ideas to adorn yourself, your home or your society! Tighten your shoes and give any or all of these a shot!